Top Ten-Equipment Needed to Open an Auto Repair Shop


This is the list of equipment youll need to open and run an auto repair shop. Start buying it ASAP! Check out my online store and pick up all your mechanic …

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23 Replies to “Top Ten-Equipment Needed to Open an Auto Repair Shop”

  1. Awesome job and congrats on your own business.. Coming from a guy who has his own remodeling business ..but always wanted to learn about auto mechanics and at least learn and restore a collector car.. Have a lot if respect for some one that has learned how to work on cars and good at trouble shooting
    . .. Don't know if my brain can learn this stuff..congrats again ..PS I did start organizing my garage and tool who knows….! Lol..

  2. You don't need a AC machine man and you saying it is unprofessional is silly. get a gauge set, vacuum pump, refrigerant, empty tank, scale, and leak tester and you are gold. not using a machine requires more skill. I am guessing you are talking about the single use cans and yes that is raunchy .

  3. I like shopping at Harbor Freight. Although, Lowe's has a nice grinder and also bench vise that I want. 🙂 Imight want to get a wire brush for it, too (it works better than a buffer wheel). Anyway, for most things, I want, I go to Harbor Freight. After all, Harbor Freight is usually cheap.

  4. you drastically increase profit margins if you don't perform engine or transmission work. Send those potential headaches to specialty shops. I stopped doing them and increased profit margins 10%

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