5 Car Repair Tools You Should Have In 2018


5 Car Repair Tools You Should Have In 2018 5 Tiger Tool Strut Compressor https://www.tigertool.com/ 4 MSG Collets MS00005 and MS00058 …

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  1. My favorite tool and something that I use all the time is car maintenance and management software http://www.lonewolf-software.com/automotivewolf.htm on my laptop. It monitors the vehicle maintenance schedules for both of my vehicles and motorcycle and reminds me when anything needs to be checked or serviced. One thing I know for sure is just keeping up with the maintenance schedules will save you a lot of money! I also love the fact that it tracks parts,. expenses and fuel economy. I have over 300,000 miles on my truck and it has never needed a single repair.

  2. My BIG hammer, compresses struts(well sort of), Knocks in and out seals, Knocks in and out any ball joints(not only Mercs),
    Knocks in and out gearbox bearings(and any other bearings) and you guess it, knocks out any fucking dents…….so, I'll pass!

  3. Ummm.. i shouldn't have ANY use for these tools.. get a new or used panel and weld it n, less work.. replace the rack, less work.. no one is rebuilding nowadays

  4. That body repai set up isnt aimed at professional car repair shops it is targeting repair shops that cater to used car sales where they slap shit together half assed and make it look good enough to re sell and keep buyer away long enough to avoid lemon lawsuit … for shitters that buy insurance total cars and instead of fixing correctly slap together … for minor repairs that would be acceptable to use but to expensive versus simply removing interior to get behind the panel and hammer and dolly it out old school
    better to retrofit on old school frame puller to use adhesive anchors

  5. power steering rack seal pullers ?? this is a tool needed ONLY for a shop that all they do is recondition power steering racks and if that is all they do ?? they already have a method to do this already and no one with half a brain would buy this tool to rebuild their own power steering pump when they can purchase a rebuilt pump for a fraction of the cost of this tool alone let alone a rebuild kit that does not exist anywhere because regular mechanics do not rebuild these things and any shop that carries the parts most likely will not sell you them and claim liability to sell parts to a unlicensed repair facility for safety concerns.

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