ETCG’s Top 5 Pet Peeves About Auto Repair Customers


This one actually comes in by suggestion. I wish I could remember from where, but I thought it was a great idea. We all have things that bug us about the jobs we …

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  1. This is a great video. Can totally relate to the wheel lock story. Nothing like not finding the key and having to sort through all the spare keys the dealership has only to not find the right one. Have had to destroy a few locks because customer couldn't find it or didn't know what it was or the best one me being blamed for losing it.

  2. I've been complimented many times because I kept my car's engine bay clean…I have always been OCD on cleaning my engine on a regular basis..not spraying sticky or slick crap but just keeping it sprayed with Simple Green then rinsed so it's clean plus I would know if I had a leak..I do always watch through the shop window as I always have to wait…I'm one that does my own car repairs within reason so I like to learn something new from watching…not that I would ever question the mechanic…not the reason for watching…

  3. Regarding the "waiters", especially the ones that want to talk shop to the mechanics, the dealership I work for has a sign "The shop rate is $100 / hour, talk to the mechanics all you want." I should add that at a dealership we don't have to deal with a lot of irrate customers as the cars we work on are relatively new and we know them inside out. It's the poor Joe's Auto on the corner working on rusted out / excessively worn out cars I feel sorry for. And they work on a Toyota today and a Ford tomorrow…so they never get to master a brand. I don't know really know how they exist in this day and age.

  4. I would agree with you, the drop off before the big holiday weekend. you're already slammed, you already working 10 plus hours a day. Then you get a drop off without notification for a 60k service and brake work. This is normally stuff that you would not want to turn away. this is all good work. But on a Wednesday morning, you're going into a five-day holiday weekend. Yeah like that's going to happen.

  5. My most interesting noise searches #1 small coke bottle inside door # 2 lady complains about bumping noise when going around corner, found softball in otherwise empty trunk, #3, wine bottles in trunk, #4, and hardest to find. Click when stopping Miata, electric fan, to much clearance on motor shaft.shifting forward when braking.

  6. 1. REGULARS WHO DON'T BRING IT TO ME FIRST; I always charge extra when I have to uncluster someone else's fuck up in the process of, and on top of the repair already being done.

    2. Armchair automotive techs who think they can tell you how to do your job because they know A, B & C about X, Y & Z but less than 10% of the info they actually have is accurate, and you've got to put down everything you're doing to go babysit stupid.

    3. Wanting to know how much longer it'll take, and why it's not done yet, never realising the very act of asking is in itself actually holding up the progression of a repair.

  7. The customers that set up an appointment to have their car serviced at a certain time, for example appointed time is 9am and at 915 am they asked why is their car not being worked on already, and getting all mad. When you go visit the doctor with a scheduled appointment do get seen at the scheduled time. I'm sure they have to wait around also, sometimes longer than 15 to 30 minutes.

  8. I used to do 3 kinds of work fast, high quality, and cheap (but you could only choose2) but I quickly found out anyone that choose cheap as an option was not a customer I wanted. Now if someone wishs to choose option 3 I recomend they go elsewhere

  9. Up early on a sunday Morning. heck, I just got home from Saturday night at work, but I do live on the west coast… One more thing. How many time does Eric have to nicely ask not to call his place of business, unless it is for an appt. Just disrespectful. Don't ruin a good thing. Thanks! Oh, and thank you Eric for another great video..

  10. My Number 1 pet peeve is mechanics supposedly diagnosing cars and just giving the customer the obd codes to go to the Auto parts store and show the codes they have in exchange for the parts needed!!!

  11. All agreed with. The waiter explanation made me laugh. Especially for Hyundai. I've had customers wait for water pump timing belt replacements lol. Four hours later. Still waiting haha

  12. The guy that shows up in a Porsche unannounced and wants an "minor adjustment" that's really an overhaul because he never gets service and trashes it, wants it now, is being a dousch about it, and you're already booked a week out with loyal locals and of course the boss sides with the dousch.

  13. 1. Day before trip trying to get vehicle worked on.

    2. Yell at me cause parts are expensive .

    3. VW, Audi, Volvo, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, etc owners. Want an expensive European import, but are upset there oil change costs more than the guy who brought in the ford

    4. The guy/woman who knows it all and is convinced I’m a ripping them off.

    5. The people who want to stand by and watch. How about I show up to your job, stand behind your desk chair and second guess every decision you make

  14. Having the lastest iPhone …. meanwhile your driving a clunker with bald tires and white smoke out the tail pipe with your cv joints clonking away when you make turns…

  15. When a customer tells you how to do your job when they never did my job…
    When a customer questions your 18 years of expertise when you KNOW what the problem is and they dont want to hear it
    When a customer LEAVES the house while your working inside..
    When a customer goes to sleep when your working in their house …
    when a customer walks up to your work van that is CLEARLY MARKED WITH YOUR COMPANY NAME and they ask you if your with X company ……………….. yes they do !!
    And finally when your done with the service call and spent almost all day there or 4+ hrs at their house or business and you leave … they dont say thank you ..

  16. My biggest hate for customers is when they have a lesser ( stupid ) mechanic work on the car for cheap and not right . Then they come to me for it to get fixed right and still want the cheap price from the other guy from me.

    No way people. Good , correct work isn't cheap.

    Cheap work is usually from that guy that says I'll fix that , bring me a case of beer. Duck those guys. Take your auto to a person who does this for a living. Please people.

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