Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 | Junkyard Restoration (Corvette) Part 1 of 2


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38 Replies to “Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 | Junkyard Restoration (Corvette) Part 1 of 2”

  1. awesome cid. i think they could add torque wrenches and specs, as well as some way of making the wrenching difficult at times. like you could break a bolt off and have to drill it and tap it. loving this game. i hope they make it a multiplayer racer/car show as well.

  2. Wow, the game has changed since this video was made. The cars in the junkyard now have hardly any parts (including body panels), everything is in worse shape, and there aren't NEARLY so many available at once–I see an average of 2-4 per trip in the current iteration.

  3. My brother got this game and the only reason he is very successful in this game is because he used Cheat Engine. When I saw him playing I was like "Hell yeah i'm getting this game!" Then about a minute later I realised that he had cheated for his items and I had to work for it.

  4. While there will always be games that will not see the light until they are finished, get used to the idea of the "early access" model. This is the future. In the future I feel it will be referred to as "open source development". Letting the consumer guide the direction of the games development toward it's finished state.

  5. Why would the rocker arms be worn out? maybe if the engine was run with no oil? Blown head gasket and had water pumping into the oil? I have disassembled 300K mile motors that the rocker arms are just fine… But… i digress, those are roller tip, not stamped steel… besides, thats not even a chevy engine that came out of the vet, so the realistic nature, or the DEPTH of the game is already ruined for this old mechanic. Was interested in the game… Until i saw that the designers cheaped out and used generic parts…

  6. Looks like a fun game However far from a simulator. Off the bat I wondered the layout of the shop and thought it can't be based on a real shop .. The Lifts in the middle of the shop? The spray booth just behind it? Just the thought of Oil near paint and overspray near customers cars ..cringe The next is Click and remove nuts and bolts ..I think they should have Socket sizes and that one or two bolts that are seized and or break off You need a torch or a Tap and die. Also a profit clock If you spent to much time on a car your in the red
    I worked in a shop that built A/C Cobra's from scratch no kit ..Tires Glass and engine/tranny shipped in The rest was formed welded, cut, shaved, drilled And they repaired other company Kit cars that failed ..Example : Bolts hardware store weak/broken found on Brakes/ steering / Cracked engine mounts on frame. Frame twisted or cracked

    Sandblasting and Painting and Paint mix room

    Also money management (Cheap paint/Med cost paint/ High end) Dealership parts / Aftermarket parts/ Scrap yard parts
    Hydro bill / labor wages / Tool cost / part cost / Shop tool break downs (compressor broken) Advertising cost

    Having 1 car outside that is high end Boost sales by 5% and each car afterwards 1% ..5 Max
    Added fun ..Fire ! …Car falls off lift Power outage from fuse box …Stolen Car get full money back

  7. Afew tribute cars wheelie and the chopper bunch speed buggy. Wonderbug. Mostly air cooled Volkswagens. Then 1989 and 1995 chevy cavalier 2 door hard top red. With black trim. 1960 chevy corvair 2 door convertible. Mint green white top. 1972 chevy Malibu hard top. Fabrics soft top. 1963 Mercury comet 4 door hard top. Pink. Homers car. 1967 chevy Camaro colbolt blue white convertible. 1957 1958 Desoto hard top. Autumn red. White roof. 1950 chevy station wagon. 1931 Desoto convertible yellow black and white. 1946 ford deluxe woodie station wagon. 1969 Vista cruiser

  8. I think some people think this was made as like… A training module. "Well it doesn't have this part and this is incorrect and in real life it would be this part first and you wouldn't touch this shaft until you did this first etc etc" They have to make a simulator that is also fun and accessible to the lay person. It would be difficult to make it a game for inexperienced people to pick up and play if it truly had every nut and bolt and engine part of every real life make and model. They talked about how they had to make the mechanics of the game be working on cars, designing them and fixing them, and profiting, they didn't want to focus on whether or not every motor was true to form.

  9. Those are the most expensive junk cars on the planet. Most of those wouldn't cost that much after they're all fixed up. At least the parts to repair are not model-specific like they are in the real world. That makes it a lot easier. Also knowing what you're doing really helps, as obviously you're a professional mechanic.

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