Oil change scams: Hidden camera investigation on what really happens to your car (CBC Marketplace)


CBC Marketplace finds aggressive upselling and services paid for but not performedTo read the full story: http://www.cbc.ca/1.2418675. Originally broadcast Nov …

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  1. Its not that hard to change your oil.. take the sump plug out, then fill it up from top till the oil comes to the dipstick top, then run engine for 20 seconds to circulate the oil, then turn it off and check it again, if needed add more.

  2. Hey people….if a dodgey business starts recommending extras you are suspicious of…..just say “thank you I will get it looked into at my regular garage”. That way they know they have lost the extra scam income and you have given yourself time to think about it, or get a second opinion.

  3. So, no law enforcement, no charges, no prosecutions with perfect evidence of fraud, how is this supposed to get fixed? If you are going to do investigative reporting, finish the job. The lesson here: no one is protecting you, no one is holding criminals to account. We live in the wild west. Even journalists can't do their job.

  4. Or how bout this, all you dumbasses learn how to do your own maintenance + an $20 oil change isn't a full oil change. I do my own oil change on my truck and it coast me around $60, why you might be asking because I need 5.5Q of oil and change the oil filter, if these people are only changing you $20 for just oil its probably used oil and their not changing the filter

  5. I worked at a place like this for a week and ended up quitting on the spot cause they wanted me to up sale an old lady by rubbing muck in her air filter and tell her it was old and needed a new one and other thing so I said nope I refuse and I quit on the spot

  6. He did nothing wrong by recommending a more expensive oil change. He didn't force. He was honest "this is cheap and is fine. This is more and is slightly better" like what's wrong with that. He's not pressuring her

  7. I had a similar situation. I got new tires and included was a free alignment. 2 hours later I went to an oil change shop for my free lifetime 3,000 mile 3 month oil change supplied with my car purchase. They said my alignment needs to be done. I asked them how bad was it ( knowingly it was corrected 2 hours later because the car was pulling pretty hard to the right before the alignment was performed). They said it’s pretty bad and should really be done. I informed them it had be done 2 hours earlier and they said “oh” and left it at that. I will never get service from my oil change company except for my free oil changes.

  8. 95% of mechanics and oil change shops are liars and thieves. It is rare to find a mechanic who knows his stuff and is honest. I remember in high school I took my car to Pep Boys for a tune up. The mechanic came and told me that I needed to have the carb replaced. I told him to show me, so we went to the car looked under the hood and he pointed to the back of the engine. He pointed to the egr valve and said "the carburetor is under this". I said "really, that's funny because this car is fuel injected". He froze and I told him to get screwed. That was one of many many times I have had mechanics try to pull a scam. The biggest scam is when they tell you that you have metal shavings in your transmission and that it needs to be replaced.

  9. I use to work for a garage door company that would Rip people off. The company was started in the 50's with great customer service, owner wanted to retire, sold the company, some Vietnamese bought it and that's when I got hired. All the old equipment that was taken down during installations were later clean and re used and sold like new, from doors, hardware and even openers. If someone wanted powder coated rails, they would bill them for an actual powder coated rails but were only spray canned in the warehouse. Everything was shady, I became assistant manager and tried fixing the issues but it was too late.

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