22 Replies to “BMW 7 Full repair. Полный ремонт.”

  1. In Authur's vids you see just how cheap cars are truly made. He has more skill with tools then I've ever personally seen. But once again the question is was the time and labor worth it? A BMW is probably a lot more expensive and harder to get a hold of then in the US,

  2. Wooow Fucking Respect!!! This is a damn heavy miracle working! Just dont give this car to Americans, they will put Tractor Wheels on it and make it "Pimp My Ride" hehehe Their ugly shitty cars hehe

  3. Кто бы что ни кукарекал в коментах. Но эта тачка безопаснее любого бюджетного металлолома типа соляриса. Другое дело я совсем не завидую человеку,купившему её по цене небитой.

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