Customer Rebuilt Engine & Now It Won’t Start


In this video I have a look at a customers Ford Escape that has recently had the engine rebuilt. The down side is after the job was finished the vehicle would not …

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  1. I rebuilt my LS6 in my Corvette race car and I accidentally set the timing off by a single link on the timing chain. The entire engine was destroyed. One piston bent sideways and broke through the cylinder wall. It was a mess. The intake valves all crashed inside and destroyed everything. A bit of a blessing in disguise, as I got another block and forged rotating assembly for a great deal. I built a second engine better than the first and I race on it now. Hard lesson learned!!!

  2. One i remember.A car came in,cant remember what for,but as it was put up on the ramp,i got underneath,there was white dots everywhere,and i mean everywhere.TIPPEX.
    The guy would mark his whole car underneath,the parts so if he went to a garage,they wouldnt swap the parts,even though i have a bottle of tippex in the draw….i get the idea,but it was excessive to say the least.

  3. just thought of another……I remember a guy coming in for an oil change (UK) years ago….anyway changed oil…..a few weeks later,comes in for an oil change,i thought i remember this car..anyway i changed the oil/filter..anyway a few weeks later,comes back in again,changed the oil and filter…..he had done this alot …anyway,i went to see him,and asked him why he needs the oil changing,is there a reason or concern… never know what he said?… He said,i thought you had to change the oil when it gets dark.

  4. try to make it short..i trained with a guy,he changed a customers brake pads,calipers i think and afterwards he kept coming back to the garage saying the brakes arnt that great,he said let them bed in ,they will be fine,he came back a week later and said the same,,leave it another week and bring it back if no better……anyway,one night,the guy i was working for,woke up in a dream and realised what hed done,left a pair of mole grips on the rubber pipes under the car…….he waited till first light,nipped round the guys house,climbed under the car,still in the drive and there they were..he took off the mole grips…….later that day,the guy popped into the garage,and said…mate you were right,the brakes are great now,just to let you know……..we never told him.

  5. When was 16 about 4 hours before prom. Decided to swap plugs in my Datsun. Well got all 3 in and on the 4th one crossthreaded the thing. Steel plug in aluminum head, spent next 3 hours driving to get a tap and retapping the head. Was late picking up my date and couldn't get all the grease off my hands. She was not too impressed. lol

  6. I noticed you were a little gun-shy about the coil spark! That isn't very fun as my wife knows. We hadn't been together for very long, maybe a month. She was with me when I was working on a push mower and I had her hold the coil wire. The wire didn't have a boot not to mention the plug was out so you could really crank the heck out of the engine. I pulled the rope pretty hard and all hell broke loose. She cussed and yelled for 30 minutes. That incident was over 20 years ago and she still holds it against me to this day. She has never helped me work on anything else since then either.

  7. Helped a friend of my brother, who couldn't get his self-rebuilt engine to start, it backfired and wouldn't stay running. I drove over and looked and he had put his plug wires on in numeric ORDER, not the firing order, 1-5-3-6-2-4, he said distributors had always confused him. AND he had put the distributor in without aligning it for which cylinder he wanted to be #1 and not even when #1 was @ TDC!! Nobody else helping him knew anything about it either. In ten minutes I had it running and that bunch of my brother's friends dubbed me an Engine Wizard forever after. Amazing what reading a high school book on engines and one on engine rebuilding from the library and rebuilding a few can teach you. These guys were out of school yet none of them knew or read much of anything. Illiterates!

  8. I had a 2007 BMW 335XI that I had to replace a clutch on. In order to access the top bolts of the transmission bell housing I had to remove the air intake piping on top of the motor to reach the bolt. To prevent debris from getting down into the intake manifold I put a shop rag in the opening. Well after the clutch was done and transmission was back in place I wanted to start the car to make sure everything was copacetic. Unfortunately, I'm sure you guessed, I forgot to pull the rag out and ended up destroying one of the turbos. Talk about kicking yourself.

  9. 1991 Ford Aerostar, I was 17. Did an oil change(good beginner diy, right?), filled it to dipstick level…no oil pressure. I checked and rechecked still no pressure. My dad and I decided the oil pump is the only option, well a 1991 Aerostar is a BEAST to remove the oil pan for those that know (ps you have to unbolt the tranny and shift it juuuuuust far enough not to disconnect it), so I replaced that and reinstalled the pan and added the oil successfully. AGAIN no oil pressure! My dad came out, pulled the dipstick and started laughing….apparently it was a dipstick for the smaller motor. Basically I over filled the motor oil by nearly double and choked the pickup…lesson learned.

  10. I sold a car (Vauxhall Cavalier MK2 that was running great with no problems to a guy. Two weeks later he came to the door saying the car was knackered and it was blowing massive amounts of smoke out the exhaust. He gave me the car back as he hadn't paid the full amount anyway. When I got it back I started it up and the smoke was so bad that in less than 5 seconds you couldn't see out the car as the smoke was everywhere. I asked him what he had done to it and his response was "I only changed the oil". Turns out he filled it to the top of the engine and when he started it, it blew out a load of seals. An engine strip down and replaced all the seals and it ran perfect again. I sold it after that.

  11. swapped starter out with one i found in my dads garage because car wouldn't start, got in car after swap, saw that it was in drive, put it in park, garage starter was no good, put original back in, fired right up.

  12. In 1979 I had a 74 Buick in the winter the choke was stuck so I jammed a Allen Wrench in the butterfly to hold it open well it dropped through the carburetor through the intake through the valve on the piston and proceeded to put a hole in the piston I could not of done it if I tried

  13. Took the box off my truck, did not find a new place to put the fuel pump ground. Replaced the fuel pump because I thought it was broken. Only found wire after days of messing with the pump.

  14. Worked at a service station back in the 70's. Went on a service call to a gentleman's car. He said the car would crank, but not start. He cranked it but would pop through the exhaust every time, but nothing else. Asked him had he been working on the car. He told me he tuned it up the night before. Was GM V8, conventional ignition. Had put square peg of rotor button into round hole in distributor and vice versa. 5 minute fix. Showed him what was wrong. 5 minute fix. Had him come to shop so I could set the dwell as I had nothing with me.

  15. I was 19 years old, broke, and working a part time job at KFC. Saved a little money to buy a 1982 Buick with a blown head gasket. Spent the next 2 weeks replacing it with hand tools literally under a shade tree. When I was all done, I started it up and enjoyed the luxury of having a car finally! Two days later it started knocking real loud. Seems I never knew I’d need to change the engine oil after repairing a blown head gasket. Gave the car away to a pig farmer who sifted through the KFC trash each night.

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