5 Things to Consider BEFORE DIY Car Repairs ~ Podcast Episode 93


If you are thinking about taking on a DIY car repair, there are some things you should consider. As a master tech, I am all for DIY car repairs, just be sure you are …

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  1. My buddy is big into German cars… And hes always doing the same repairs every time he gets another… Timing belt, water pump, tensioner, etc. I have a Nissan SE-R and I've gone diy on all repairs. Gotta love simple cars. I just chased a misfire for a week… But I caught it. You're the man!

  2. Check how difficult the job is and what tools you need before ordering the parts. Otherwise you might be stuck trying to convince a mechanic to put in the parts you ordered and they're not always willing to do that.

  3. I own an Audi A4 B7 and a BMW 335i, when it comes down to repairs I have no option but to do it my self, parts are expensive but not as much as labor. It might sound stupid but the thing that I consider the most when it comes to DIY projects is the weather, I live in Arizona, for some odd reason cars tend to break during the summer, and it’s not fun having to work on a car in a 110° garage. Is a love and hate situation, on one side I get to shop for parts and is also an opportunity to buy tools and I earn more experience , on the other side, I have to do it, struggle mentally and physically at times and take time away from my family. But there is always a feeling of pride at the end.

  4. this is my biggest obstacle to becoming a DIYer… lack of space! I also live in an apartment, I just don't the space to store tools, jacks, jack stands, etc. Beyond that, our apartment has strict no car maintenance rules. I would love nothing more than to do my oil changes, but nope, we have assholes who will actually go out of their way to complain to the management

  5. Ugh stuck bolts! I am always the go to for stuck bolts. My friends call and say they have been messing with a bolt for 3hr, I go there and spend 2min to get it off and just finish the job because they are useless. Don't buy cheap tools from auto part stores or places like harbor freight. Time is money, and if you don't spend the money you will have to plan on extra time.

  6. I lived in an apartment in Denver. Easiest way I performed car work was to go to an Ace Hardware parking lot. Never got talked to and did many oil changes and even a strut that way.

  7. All of my vehicles are worked on by me so if something fails i cant blame anyone but me and i have all the maintenance except fuel filter for my truck and so far i have done an injector job plugs wires of course change tires and fluid changes and flushes

  8. yEA type of car makes a big deal 2 i have worked on cars for long time thought i know (somewhat) what i am doing till i got a vw bug wifes car had to learn alot of things all over again working on it does give me the feeling its made not to b worked on at home anyway

  9. I personally love working and even watching people work on cars. I do my own car as it’s so much cheaper and I know the work is getting done. Far to many times I’ve took it to get fixed and the “mechanics” try forcing things off and end up breaking stuff. If I left them to it god knows how it would of been returned. Another reason I do my own cars is My car failed MOT on anti-roll linkage and took it to the garage and was quoted $105 for both sides including labour. Was able to get the parts for both sides for $40-$60 and 15-30mins work and I’ve saved money. secondary I think majority of people would work on their own car more if they had the space. If people could afford to spend 800-1500 for a lift even if it is raising it a couple of inches of the ground.

  10. I wanted to replace the clutch and slave cylinder on my truck but realized I would have to wrangle the heavy transmission off by myself so I paid a mechanic to do the job. The fact that I did my homework on the repair made me realize that the mechanic had not capped off the transmission when he removed the drive shaft and he allowed about half of the manual transmission fluid to escape. When I got the truck back, the transmission was whining at high speeds because the fluid was low. I drained and refilled the transmission but I suspect that my transmission would be toast had I not realized what had happened.

  11. After got lightly bit in the hand by a front suspension spring ages ago (spring compressor not the best design) now it's safety. One of those moments you realize could have gone far worse.
    If you can, get a factory repair manual, if not, a Bentley or Hynes (heck have both so have full/more instructions). If you are never going to do repairs, get a Haynes and at least skim so have a basic understanding of your specific vehical and help avoid being ripped off.

  12. I've always diy out of necessity, when I got my licence at 15 I brought a Mazda 323 for $400, a head gasket done at a workshops more than that! need a tool, just buy it you'll use it again, not sure, Google it. if possible get the workshop manual. I pretty much went duplo, Lego, technics, mechano, cars.

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