How to manage an auto repair shop – managing your time


Part 3 of 6 Building processes and managing your time are very important. Check out my online store and pick up all your mechanic supplies! http://www.

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  1. I would like to open my shop but also buy and sell cars. Right now I'm at a mechanic shop to learn (internship). I'm going to apply to a college that has automotive mechanic. I'm going to try to work at a mechanic place to save money to buy a house and getting my shop ready. For example Nissan or Toyota mechanic jobs. Hopefully everything goes according to plan. God bless you bro!!!

  2. so what are your thoughts on running/managing a mobile mechanic business? I'm torn between the two. i have a garage that i can do side jobs out of but it's a small single car garage. Or i can load my tools up and travel to the customer. should i pick one? or do a mixture of both?

  3. I'd have to agree with you in many ways. Me as a shop manager and tech I run into the price issue with many customers. Charge what you feel your time and the time of your guys are worth. If the customer feels confidante in the way you explain the issue and what it's gonna take to fix it then most of the time they will get it done. I've found that when a customer is willing to pay to get the car check out them their serious about getting the issue resolved. Great topic and good answers weed out the customers that want to get their car fixed vs wanting cheap work with discounts.

  4. How much labor do u charge for a check engine light diagnostic. Do u charge differently depending on pulling codes vs more in depth diagnostics or a flare rate for both

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