Comparing Auto Repair Shop Quotes to Cost of Fixing it Yourself: $2400 or ? You Make the Call


See a good example why you want to learn how to fix your car yourself. Even if you do not plan to do all the work, you should learn enough about your cars …

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3 Replies to “Comparing Auto Repair Shop Quotes to Cost of Fixing it Yourself: $2400 or ? You Make the Call”

  1. I see these kinds of crazy astronomical repair estimates on cars like these all the time. I think to some extent it is the repair shops that think the customers are very naive in terms of knowledge of common problems with these cars, so they could just tell them anything from a bad water pump to a blown head gasket and they might just believe it. that being said, i think it is always a good idea to get a second opinion on high dollar estimates like this but also the owners should research common problems with these. I know for a fact the head gaskets hardly ever go bad on Mercedes. maybe the water pump is normal wear and tear but head gaskets are rare due to the material they use to manufacture them. As for your friend with the Volvo, I know that those can blow head gaskets but more often than not that happens when the car is overheated. radiators again are another normal wear & tear item and can go out on any car since they're pretty much all made out of plastic now. overtime it just gets brittle and cracks. so if you have a coolant leak, I might say check the radiator and around that area and the overflow tank first. all those components are fair game. glad you were able to fix this problem.

  2. Heh, one of my hoses burst while driving and I got the joy of seeing that light on. Got it to the closest "mechanic" and they wanted to get a new radiator and head gasket. Took it to a more reputable place down the road and it turns out it was a $20 hose that cracked.

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