Did My Customer Get Ripped Off: $5000 Used Subaru


In this video we have a look at a used 2003 Subaru a customer of ours just purchased from the used car dealer. It looks shiny and smells nice but when we get …

NJ state inspection

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29 Replies to “Did My Customer Get Ripped Off: $5000 Used Subaru”

  1. GOOD NEWS! Just spoke with the customer, they returned the car to the dealer and he refunded them ALL of their money! He (used car dealer) also called me in total disbelief that the car was so rotted and had other issues. I think he did the right thing. *Please folks if you are looking to buy a used car have it checked out by a mechanic BEFORE any money exchanges hands* These folks got lucky the problem was resolved easily.

  2. That's like I don't know £4500 for a car that rotten!? Wtf did a blind guy check it over?? What kind of con artist bought this for £450 and added a zero and actually sold it?

  3. can u help me pliz have a subaru outback 1998 mod 2,5 L gasoline. engine excost is like ommp, ommp, oomp when its start up cold, when its warn its gone, u can hear missfire very unregarly, like somtine 1 time every 2 sekund, and somtine every 7 sekund, changed, coil, plug wires, fuel pressure regulator, and gas pump in tank, after this it become quicker on acceleration, but is week sometimes on low rpm. changed one spark plug on cyl 2, and it become bether, orded 4 new sparkplugs, to se how it runs after putting new plugs on all cylynders,, but du you think its can be a bad fuel injector?? car engine is droven about 170 000 kilometers,,

  4. Dang that customer got lucky. Most 'used car dealers' would have said no deal. Should have had it preinspected. Glad to move junk. Well done though.

  5. shut the front door! i have a manual AWD wagon, should i have the same 4 tyres all round? they are one brand tyre on the front and a different brand tyre on the rear. they are exactly the same tyre though will it matter on a 2000 model/.?

  6. So… they spent 5 grand on something worth 2 at best, and then never even opened the hood, or hell, even bent over or at the very least, looked down to see a fluid puddle. Mr & Mrs. Gullible buy this thing or what.

  7. what we really need to be doing is after a repair is done by a mechanic like you take it to another mechanic pay him 50$ to inspect those repairs and go back to you asking for a refund since all mechanics lie cheat and steal anyways it just depends which one lies cheats and steals the most

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