Welding Machines And Car Repair


Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 47 years, shows why you might think about buying an arc welder to use for car repairs Simple, basic machines that use …

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  1. Your welding rods are actually supposed to be warmed prior to welding if they aren’t it can cause porosity which will make a weak weld and it won’t hold as strong they’re special rod ovens for that but yeah they can’t get wet that’s 100% they become useless once wet

  2. Scotty Kilmer, as much as I respect you as a mechanic, please outsource your welding to people qualified to do so.

    If you weld on something, say frame, axle, or other structural part, and it breaks and injures, maims, or kills someone, you are 100% liable for that if you don't have the certifications to do so, as well as be bonded and insured.

    love your videos though

  3. I always thought welding with rods would burn holes through car sheet metal… right?
    Would be great for at home use if it worked… but my feeling about this, is that it's not the correct type of welding.

  4. Storing rods in a refrigerator is a bad idea. Once they are pulled out to use in the outside temperature, moisture will start to appear just like anything else you pull out of a refrigerator. Welding rods and moisture do not mix well together. It ruins the flux on the rod and causes holes (porosity) to appear in the welds making the weld insufficient.
    Solar panels in the welding hood do net darken the lens. The light sensors do that. The solar panels re-charge the battery in the welding hood.

  5. Scotty, as a welder, your as much use as an ejector seat in a helicopter. Steve wonder could weld better than you, you were obviously doing the morse code form of welding, dit dit dash, dit dit dash, comedy gold.

  6. I hate to say anything negative, about this obvious car wizard, but This is a very broad topical video, just enough to get a novice in trouble; and put your self in a lot of potential danger. Arc Welders, maybe for structural problems, but, MiG/TiG is more universally used.

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