The key to modern auto repair shop management


Change has always been a way of life for technicians due to rapid advancements in vehicle technology. But the real change is coming for shop owners and how …

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  1. Technology will evolve ~ however ~people before profits will remain with those service facilities that understand the culture both front & back of the service counter while utilizing AI for an effective way forward. David Rogers is forward thinking here & understands this dynamic.

  2. is this guy an auto shop guy or a customer website guru .dont understand all the business jargon he sounds like a computer voice talking about nonsense.Cant make any sense out of it ???

  3. Fomocore, as a tech for over 45 years and a business owner for only a year and a half, believe me, I see both sides of your thoughts. I will also say, as a tech we make our own way. When you sign the front of the check instead of the back you see things differently. Please take a look at your income and verify that you are making the owner 3 times more than what he is paying you. I also hope that you realize that the three times more goes to Insurance, workmans comp and the parts that the employee's steel or break, and the staying up until 8 every evening going over the next days business. I realized all of these things 30 years ago and have been a very sucsessful and well paid tech and I have only had 3 jobs. It is all inside. Just quit asking for a handout and look for a hand up. I promise you will never have to look for another job.


  4. I understand what AI is – but from what was presented, I'm not clear on how that is going to put customer cars in the shop? A better explanation would be appreciated. Thanks! ~Matthew

  5. Auto technicians mechanics do not get paid enough. Shop owners see them as another wrench in the drawer. Some can manage their crew better than others. Good technicians will always find another career that pays them more

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