Why do auto repair shop owners succeed?


http://www.carcountdaily.com – How is is possible for two auto repair shop owners to be exposed to the exact same marketing and management information, …

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  1. First u need money or a credit line, second experience & knowledge, Third how to manage your cash flow & The Most Import a Great Location with Plenty of Traffic so u do not have to struggle to find customers. Low Overhead means more cash flow.

  2. I was LITERALLY born with this knowledge!!! The ONLY reason I have not yet realized my potential is because I started believing the truths of the WRONG things.

  3. Saying that the content of this video is what’s needed for success is the equivalent of telling someone they need a spoon to eat soup. There’s no value in this video.

  4. I share shop with mechanic and his partner. mechanic is crook and very lazy and most jobs comeback. his partner overcharges and has multiple small businesses. mechanics are known bad guys on down low

  5. Why do auto repair shop owners succeed?

    An owner who isn't intimidated by competent employees and can control his greed is gonna succeed.

    And that is the long and short of it.

  6. I think he is Wright about believing, But in business there is a lots of factors that without the knowledge of it everybody is going to come out looser, Specially auto repair business.

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  8. This fella spent 9 + minutes telling those idiots that if they believe they will do great! customer service, integrity, good techs and honest efforts make return customers and these are the folks that sell your business. You cannot buy their good will or their referrals. if you spent money to listen to this con job you wasted it.

  9. What he is saying is absolutely true…those who don't realize that and have excuses for everything will not succeed.  Do the non-believers not know what a "self fulfilling prophecy" means?  Take some time and look that up.  No excuses!  It's really simple…If you say you can't, you can't…If you day you can you will….effort!!

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