Car Mechanic Simulator – Restoration Garage 6 – 32 Ford


Join me in Car Mechanic Simulator as I restore a 32 Ford! ▻Car Mechanic Simulator Playlist▻ ▻Links To Contact Me▻ …

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33 Replies to “Car Mechanic Simulator – Restoration Garage 6 – 32 Ford”

  1. In my opinion, leaving out any of the stripping or adding onto the cars is like playing the game off-screen and just showing the finished product. It's like showing only a small fraction of gameplay in any other game but not showing 90% of the gameplay missions but rather, skipping to the end. Putting together and taking the engine apart is what I enjoyed most. Now I'll have to get my fix elsewhere.. too bad.

  2. you should have bought the suspension performance parts… can you do some videos of cars that are completely performance? suspension, engine, brakes, fuel, body, etc. no one has shown any other performance parts yet other than engine.

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