Automobile Collision Repair-How To Repair Your Plastic Bumper Cover. Part 1


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32 Replies to “Automobile Collision Repair-How To Repair Your Plastic Bumper Cover. Part 1”

  1. i wonder how he is in person. i live in mesquite Tx im gona pay them a visit i fucked up my car while backing up. lol i was gonna fix it at home..but i want to bring it to this American Badass.

  2. To bad the husband has to be so vinegary she shouldn’t have to live that way I’m that type of husband also I’d be pissed off but after all it’s a car metal and plastic so long as she’s ok should be his concern

  3. Pete…fuckin try this bro!
    Before you prime, get 90% of those plastic "fuzzies" out, by "blocking" the bare ,rough plastic with a couple prices of cardboard on your sanding block. You will be AMAZED at how it smooths out the roughed up plastic, so no need to pile the primer on.
    Was showed this trick a few years back, and I use it on every bumper repair since then.

  4. Hello My Friend Pete, Can you please tell me what Bondo Filler did you used on this small Repair?, I heard that bondo body filler is not design for bumper covers please explain with more details. Thanks

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