5 Used SUVs You Should Buy


5 Used SUVs You Should Buy, truck review with Scotty Kilmer. Top 5 used SUVs to buy. The best used SUVs to buy. The most reliable SUV to buy used.

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  1. We’ve had a mark one RAV4, Mark one CRV, Mark 2 CRV and a Mark 3 RAV4. The mark one RAV4 rattled like a drum, but handled brilliantly, both CRVs were autos and were brilliant, Mark 3 RAV4 is super reliable, but the interior trim is poor quality compared to the Honda, but overall, it’s growing on me. I like the VW Tiguan, but the reliability is not what it could be, by all accounts.

  2. These would be good bets but I think pinpointing the choices is unrealistic because the choices are too few. Why not go plus or minus a year? For example, why the 17 Honda CR-V? It has many, many improvements over the prior series but I see online some people allege it has a oil dilution problem (turbo version). So make a useful list: either cars/whatever you should buy or cars you should Not buy, whichever approach works best.

  3. @Scotty Kilmer hello i know you are probably very busy, how do you feel about the 2010 ford escape 2.5 4 cylinder with front wheel drive? I already have transmission slip and have 125k miles on the car however it is a ford and i was wondering on thr merit of having the transmission rebuilt is it worth it? I know on previous videos you have said never have your transmission rebuilt buy a manufacturer rebuilt instead and put it in however the vehicle is wearing out its getting old and the rebuild would be much cheaper. The reason im even considering a rebuild is not because i particularly like the vehicle but because this particular ford escape is so mechanically easy to work on i can access the gas pump actuator by going thru a panel under the seats the shock assembly comes out whole and is easy to replace the engine is small uncluttered and easy to get to and work on. My question is in your opinion should i keep the vehicle and get a rebuild or get another used Toyota or honda with a manual? Also should i rebuild when i know there is a issue or down the line when the issue causes the vehicle to stop working wouldnt it cost about the same minus parts so therefore be more cost effective to rebuild down the line when it goes out completely?

  4. I don't know where this guy lived up North but I live in the rural snow belt. FWD don't cut it.

    CRV = Lifted mini van.
    RDX = Lifted compact station wagon.
    Rav4 = Lifted mini van
    Highlander = Used to be an SUV. Now just a large lifted mini van. The only SUV-ish car on this list.
    RX350 = Lifted compact station wagon.

  5. Scotty if you have to choose between new Honda passport and new Pilot, which one would you choose. Driving around Houston for just me and wife.

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