8 Replies to “Auto Repair: Is My Car or Truck Steering Tie Rod Bad???”

  1. a wandering car is caused by an issue with the suspension. You might want to have everything looked over again to double check all the ball joints and control arms are not worn out as well.

  2. when we moved to Germany the inspector failed my car because I needed a new tie rod. He suggested to change both but I only was able to replace the one. My car still wanders on the Autobohn at 80mph and if windy day, I must slow down to correct the steering. If I change the other tie rod, should this fix the wandering problem?? TIA

  3. Apart from my other question on your other video, I see that this tie rod is loose. But when I try to move the actual steering rod is that suppose to rotate up & down slightly?

  4. i hit bumps and when there little cracks it makes my steering wheel feel like its loose and it moves up and down a little bit and when i go over rumble strips its really bad

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