How to Remove Oil From a Spark Plug Well : Car Repair Tips


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  1. Thank you. Ever since pepboys "replaced" my valve cover gasket when doing the throttle body my car has had misfire and oil leaking problems. My brother changed the gasket and found out they never did my valve cover gasket then called it a day and never checked my spark plugs. Good thing that place closed down. I will never go to pepboys for service again. So time to clean and change plugs and hope i dont have to redo the valve cover again.

  2. There’s a lot of oil in my cars spark plug wells and one day it didn’t start and that’s when I found out about the problem. I took the valve cover off and saw that the seals were brittle and breaking. How do you know if your engine is hydro locked cuz my car wanted to start today but can’t cuz of the oil

  3. There is a seal on the bottom of the tubes, if they are leaking (high probabilty) your video does not even mention this. How did you eliminate that as an issue and only worried about the valve cover gaskets?

  4. Hey Bob, I just removed my coil and the boot got stuck. I followed some instructions on how to remove a stuck rubber boot; but, unfortunately, I had already cut the boot into pieces. I was able to get 85% of the boot out successfully. However, when I pulled the spark plug out, some of the boot fell down into the engine. Will this cause damage to the engine?

  5. When ordering a new valve cover gasket just order the spark plug sleeves too so you can kill 2 birds with one stone. Another way you can get the oil out is by removing the nozzle of a spray bottle and putting the hose in the spark plug shaft and spraying the oil out onto a rag or paper towel.

  6. it's best to just take the valve cover off and replace the gaskets first before putting new spark plugs. Otherwise, your not fixing the problem and oil will just get on the new spark plugs. Once gaskets have been replaced, clean valve cover and your done.

  7. I had oil going into my spark plug but that’s fix now and I went ahead and re change the whole tune up and still get misfire 1 and 2 so does that mean oil is still in my valve

  8. turn the engine over w/o the spark plug in, that will force out any oil. just like he said if a lot of oil drains into the combustion chamber on the compression stroke and then the plug is put back in….it will bend a rod b/c the oil cant compress. just like when you pump up a bicycle tire with a hand pump you get to the point where the tire is full and the air will not compress.

  9. It's been many years since I've used that technique, so many years that I forgot about it completely. The supplementary info has helped me to do the job thoroughly instead of half-assed. Thanks.

  10. Okay he said oil could get into the combustion chamber thru the spark plug….like are you stupid? Spark plugs are thread sealed nothings goes in or out past the spark plug threads. Because compression……your engine wont run if there is no compression some people…………

  11. Because the cover also has seals that can break down over time.. change the gasket if you think that's your issues, but with an old car don't be surprised if the cover, containing bad seals, has to be replaced as well..

  12. I will say this. I had this same problem as to where the spark plug was completely covered with oil to the point where when I pointed a flashlight into the spark plug tube you couldn't even see the spark plug at all because it was completely covered in oil and completely buried underneath the oil, all though no oil ever came out of the boot onto my valve cover. So since the plug went into the valve cover so far I just figured that oil there was normal. Anyway, I didn't clean any of the oil out of the tube. I just removed the spark plug and about two tablespoons of probably dirty oil drained into the spark plug hole. I'm just like this probably isn't right but fuck it, I just figured it would burn off. So anyway, I put the new plugs in, and aside from some black smoke coming out of the exhaust for a couple of minutes, everything was fine. I guess I got lucky. At any rate, I ordered a valve cover gasket set from Amazon in order to fix this issue. I think my plug may misfire every once in awhile because of the oil in the tube, and now that I know oil is not suppose to be there, I'm sure it's well worth the time and effort to fix. I never had my vehicle serviced like at the 30k miles or whenever you're suppose to have that done, and that may be when they would have re tightened down the valve cover, not sure. The point is the valve cover might just be a bit loose. But I'll wait to check for that until I get my gasket.

    Obviously you can see I don't know much about working on vehicles, but I just didn't want to pay someone to change four spark plugs. So I was like even if this is wrong, it shouldn't cause any damage and fortunately I don't think it did.

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