5 Tips of Starting an Automotive Repair Shop


Want to start a repair shop? Moving from being a technician to a shop owner? What do you need to know before starting your own shop? Today Bogi from All …

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  1. Either work for someone building their dream, or work for yourself building your own… That's my mentality especially with lots of jobs becoming literal slave work with no opportunity to grow… Just my two cents

  2. I knew I recognized Bogi from somewhere. I watched this video and though to my self……..I've seen her somewhere…….but where??? Then it hit me. I see her listed on the Worldpac Training Institute Instructor page!! This is pretty cool. I've been to some of those training classes. I've never met Bogi, but I have met Eric Sharping a few times. These tips are excellent because I think most techs have some sort of aspiration to own their own shop one day and there isn't a lot of info on what comes next when you're on your own!! Great video!!

  3. hmmm,interesting.Well i rather be a mobile mechanic and the reason why i want to work for myself is because, 1) i hate the bosses and 2) no one in this world wants to hire my passion that i have dug deep inside my soul. Its my passion to understand cars and repairing them but no one wants to hire a criminial. And i didnt do anything like murder or drugs or the sort. I'm just a human being who made mistakes.So screw everyone and now i can make profit without being rejected

  4. Hey! My father wants to start his own car shop in Homestead, Florida. I wonder if you could tell me the paperwork he has to do in order to open his own business. Excellent pieces of advice by the way.

  5. I was looking for someone to turn brake rotors yesterday and found a shop that said they could do it for $80.00 a pair, but I would have to make an appointment. Wouldn't it be fun to have a brake rotor machine in your garage?

  6. Hi I'm manic a motor mechanic from south africa I'm 24 years with 7 years experience in motor Industry I was given a big RMI Shop to run but I'm struggling! In marketing strategy/how to deal with Customer in a professional way/ working procedures need help please I realised that working independently as a motor mechanic it's different than running a new company

  7. I COMPLETELY agree with you in that being a business owner isn't always as luxurious as it seems. I made a video on this but W2 income is usually WAY better and easier than to have to run a shop. Being a technician is so different than being a "business owner".

  8. Bogi, damn girl you are da booooooommmbbb digity with knowledge. I always respected what you said in AGG/ though sometimes the (prettier) other girl gets all the lines on the show, but, you hung in there and did your thing and ALL of you became HUGE………….Great Stuff.

  9. Ive just rented myself a barn to convert in to a little garage for my youtube channel and work on my projects!

    would be great if people that share the same passion could give it a check and give me your opinion and suggestions 🙂 I would really appreciate it!

    I love my Hobby and im proud of it!

  10. I started a automotive repair shop in Sweden right after school, Everyone from my shop class told me that i would fail within the first year including my teachers.. i would have to work 12h+ days to make money and its just not worth doing it. That was 13 years ago, im still in business. I work 8-5 Mon-Fri making three times more then my class mates does at the dealerships. I now have two employes, five bay shop with 4 two posts and a 4 post with alignment, i wrench around 5-6h each day, the rest of my day goes to taking care of customers, doing estimates, cleaning the shop, paying bills and doing choires. I was always bad at school, i hate numbers and rather wrench the rest of my life. I pay an auditor to do all my numbers, each monday i get an report of my expenses, income and profit for the past week and offcouse monthly and yearly reports aswell. I bought all my equipment with cash, first year i had a 1980s used 2 post lift and cheap basic tools, after 6 months i could buy a brand new 2 post cash and at that point i started making alot more money. This year 3 new shops in my city has failed, they bought too much equipment with money they did not have, and that caught up with they within the first year. So that would be my advice if you are looking into starting a new shop. Take it easy, invest in equipment when you can acctually afford them.

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