Penn Foster's auto repair technician course


Penn Foster is an online college, trade school and high school This video is my review on the auto repair technician online course Penn Foster offers.

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15 Replies to “Penn Foster's auto repair technician course”

  1. Ase cert requires 2 yrs hands on repair exp in area your testing
    Sounds like horseshit you need Hans on training on vehicles along with books and online
    Community colleges are cheap 86.00 per credit hr most classes 3 credits complete program at about 5000.
    This company and diploma will not be useful at any shop they want hands on exp

  2. Over 800 dollars for some textbooks and no tools? You can find out how an engine,brakes and transmission works over the internet for free. Buy a 500 dollar clunker & a socket set then get to work, you will come out further ahead.

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