So here it is guys! The final compilation of the best supercars I filmed this year! It was absolutely an astonishing year! I have visited a lot of beautiful places and …


23 thoughts on “BEST OF SUPERCAR SOUNDS 2019”

  1. a car with a turbo it will never have the same sound as an atmospheric car like the v12 from ferrari or lamborghini or the flat 6 from porch it makes such a beautiful sound without a turbo seriously which is in my opinion the turbos are good for increasing the performance but in sensation thermal an atmospheric has a much better sound

  2. 4:00= automotive heaven! first auto visual and sound to make me blow in my pants… jk,but this has to be the most beautiful sound and sight of a Ferrari EVER! all with Alain de cadanet`s wickedly soothing voice on the PA system in the background,one of thee greatest car dudes EVER!! WOW

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