Supercars in London January 2020 – #CSATW140

Supercars in London January 19, 2020 – #CSATW140 Hello my friends and welcome back to the channel! On January 19, 2020 i visited London, where, like …

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44 thoughts on “Supercars in London January 2020 – #CSATW140”

  1. Very nice … If u ever catch this White G Class AMG with widebody and Huge wheels . For example at 18:09 MIN Please ask the driver how big the wheels are.. Inch , how wide the Tires and how deep the Rims. These are impressive, Love it .

  2. There are some absolute beauties there but these pop and bangers don't float my boat. I mean let's not forget Del Boy did all that back in the 80s in a three wheeler

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